“At K12Force, we use Business Intelligence tools to offer modern solutions for education planning and reporting.”

Modern Challenges Require Innovative Solutions from K12Force.

Empowering Educators

Allowing users at the school or classroom level to manage their own budget. This student-centered approach allows direct feedback from the educators on any adjustments that need to be made at the classroom level.

Data Driven Solutions

Achieve accurate cloud-based forecasting and analysis through the use of K12Force decentralized educational budgeting, analysis, bidding, and report systems.

Data Driven Solutions

Cloud-based. Decentralized


Unlock the potential of data with ShowMeK12. Data transparency can be utilized to drive down costs or command a higher level of service from business partners. Meet regulatory requirements with ShowMeK12's embedded financial transparency solution utilizing business intelligence for accurate and efficient reporting solutions.


Transition from the traditional Excel-based budgeting and planning process by empowering users to work within an intuitive dashboard displaying current financial information.


K12Force forecasting tools allow users to adjust and analyze current and future environmental trends or funding proposals and the effect on future district plans and resources.


Users are offered a current view of exactly where they stand against budget. The K12Force connects directly with the district accounting system for accurate, up to date information.


Utilize historical data to attract bid submission from multiple vendors. Leveraging district supply volume creates significant savings opportunities and a competitive bidding environment.


Track all nutrition data in one place. Depending on the report needed, last month or last year’s data is only a few clicks away. Bid and nutrition requirement information are simple to retrieve for reporting needs.


Cloud-based interface connects data Using business intelligence resources within an intuitive searchable dashboard to offer simplified data collection and organization.

Federal and Missouri State regulations require school districts to post a searchable expenditure and revenue document or database reflecting income, expenditures, and disbursements on the school website or social media.

  • ShowMeK12 provides immediate searchable data in an easy-to-use, intuitive dashboard.
  • Create custom reports with the ability to export CSV. The accounting code requirements create new challenges for many districts. ShowMeK12 streamlines the accounting code process with built in ledger functionality.
  • Have confidence in your reports.
  • Straightforward dashboard allows fast access to your data.

Embrace Your Data

Data is viewed as a burden for many school administrators due to a lack of specialized employees with time and ability to manage and produce technical reports and analyze rich data. ShowMeK12 utilizes modern business intelligence technology to offer immediate and customizable reporting and analysis.

About Us

K12Force was created by a team with over forty years of combined experience in IT management, health care, and public infrastructure. Most importantly, we are parents and want the very best education for all students. We feel the guiding principle of successful educational technology innovation is creating solutions that have a positive impact of the educational process for all students. Providing accurate, intelligent, and transparent solutions to elementary and secondary education providers of all sizes without substantial time and capital requirements is our goal.

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